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Learn more about our state of the art Payroll service...

Payroll management can be quite a challenge in today’s world where timely and accurate payments contribute a lot to the motivation and retention of an organization’s employees.

At Elite we guarantee compliance with the applicable state laws associated with the payroll, thus avoiding heavy fines or worse for the employer. We also provide payroll services and calculations for International Organizations with presence in Tanzania. We perform all the calculations for Expatriates who are currently employed in Tanzania.

Our Payroll Service

We provide services such as:

  • Setting up employees in our payroll system
  • Monthly payroll calculations and salary payments
  • Delivery of pay slips
  • Provision of monthly payroll reports
  • Timely monthly statutory deductions
  • Submission of year end Income Tax Returns

Why use our services?

  • To avoid late submissions of  Taxes and Pensions
  • To avoid miscalculation of employment Taxes due to the statutory changes
  • To allow your staff to concentrate on core operations of the business
  • Streamlining the whole process of payroll management
  • To avoid direct payroll processing costs

We also help save time that can be devoted to you doing something else in your business.
Through our automated payroll systems we guarantee timely and accurate remittances, a service no employer will regret, keeping the employee motivated, and the employer satisfied.

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